About us

As the buyer of the Apple Watch, we soon ran into the problem that the accessories at Apple are not to pay. It is very nice to wear a matching strap on every occasion that we are looking for a supplier.

We have bought some straps and worn them for months. We were positively surprised about the quality and from there we started to offer these products at marketplace. Due to the enormous demand for these products, we started the webshop 123Watches.nl in 2015 and now deliver the products to hundreds of satisfied customers.

From hobby marketplace sales in 2014 we have now grown into a webshop with hundreds of satisfied customers. Due to the enormous growth we can buy the products sharply and offer you as a customer a competitive price.

We currently process more than 60,000 orders per year to our customers and are still growing every month. Because of this growth, we can offer our products even cheaper for you.